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The greatest site dedicated to nothing but German musik!!!!! Ok... maybe it's not the greatest or the prettiest or the ABSOLUTELY most informative... but we try!!! :)

We think a bit of an explanation might be helpful here. We like to feature music by Germans but also music in German so some of the artists on our list aren't actually German. Some are Swiss or Austrian or even Slovenian, hell we might even someday feature Americans, though We'd really protest adding David Hasselhoff to the list, that's just WRONG! ;) Just wanted to clear that up! Anyway...

We have bios for various types of German artists on our site that we're always working on... we ARE, we swear!!!! Fan photos & Marina's awesome Rammstein artwork under Fanstuff & the club/mailing list is still there for those of you who like to post! The fact that Yahoo is EVIL & had to go mess up our club is the very reason why we created our site in the first place so maybe it was a good thing...

Also, thank you to everyone who's helped us w/ ideas & everything else & everyone who's signed the guestbook. It's great to know we've been found somehow in our little corner of the net & we're happy for all the advice & would like to know about more bands so MAIL US LINKS!!!!!!! ;) Danke immer!

Joe, Mikki & Nick
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