Kat auf Internet (aufstandfrau) wrote in dml_lj,
Kat auf Internet


I recently stumbled into Seeed randomly while browsing the net and since finding them I've become really interested in the German contributions to things like rap or dancehall. I've loved different kinds of German music for a while but this is the first I've come across it.
I'm having trouble finding things like it, the closest I've gotten are groups like Stromkern or Deichkind and even then the resemblence is so far off they're barely connected at all. They don't even resemble each other at all, very very different places on the spectrum of spoken word in music. I'm interested in similar groups to Stromkern as well, but more fascinated with Seeed overall.
If anyone could forgive my ignorance and reccomend some groups or artists I'd be really thankful =)
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